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Extricating Craig Charles from his Coronation Street commitments for Series X had proven tricky, but the ITV soap had generously granted him an extended leave from the show without writing him out entirely. Repeating the trick a second time was always going to be a harder ask, and so in order to take up the role of Lister for a further twelve episodes, Craig decided to leave the Street again - this time for good.

With the rest of the main cast lined up - Danny John-Jules squeezing the double filming block in between his annual trips to Guadeloupe for Death in Paradise - thoughts turned to the guest cast that would fill out a significant range of supporting roles across the series.

Twentica brought in one of modern British comedy's most distinguished names in the shape of "The Actor" Kevin Eldon, hamming it up something rotten - and keeping the audience uproariously entertained with between-takes adlibs - as the Exponoid leader 4 of 27.

It was German-American standup Lucie Pohl, however, who became an immediate favourite with fans in the role of Harmony (aka Professor Baldwin); while character actor David Sterne played Bob the Bum and there was a welcome return for Series X's Pree, Rebecca Blackstone, in a brief but memorable turn as Big Bang Beryl.

Samsara saw the presence of another face familiar to anyone who's paid attention to British comedy over the last decade or so: Dan Tetsell can be found in the likes of Peep Show, Psychoville, Miranda and dramas Skins and Utopia; but is probably best known for a two-year stint as solicitor Jim McGinn in the soap Hollyoaks. His opposite number Maggie Service was yet another addition to the Red Dwarf/Doctor Who Shared Alumni Club, having appeared in Peter Capaldi's opening story Deep Breath in 2014.

A wide range of film and TV credits has made Dominic Coleman another hugely recognisable face - but he buried it underneath prosthetics and a hugely entertaining performance as Butler in Krysis. And Dominique Moore channelled an exceptionally Danny John Jules-ish performance to play the first ever female Cat seen on the show in Can of Worms.

Officer Rimmer, meanwhile, saw perhaps one of the most unlikely connections in Red Dwarf casting history: as Stephen Critchlow took the role of Captain Herring, having been most recently seen in a series of adverts for a furniture company - opposite Series X's Young Arnold Rimmer, Philip Labey!

Several voice roles were required across the series, with Give and Take enlisting Mark Quartly as Snacky and Oliver Mason as Asclepius (the droids' bodies were played by Tobias Wilson and Jami Reid Quarrell respectively). But special mention must go to Daniel Barker, who voiced the lift in that episode - and also went on to voice a croquet commentator in Officer Rimmer, channel Morgan Freeman as the Universe in Krysis, and narrate the documentary about GELFs in Can of Worms. As such, he fell only one short of Tony Hawks' record of playing five different characters - but holds the unique distinction of having played different roles in four successive episodes!