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David Ross was placed in the role of the season's first guest character, Kryten. David had appeared in Rob and Doug's radio sit-com, Wrinkles and had always got on well with them - despite this attempt to smother him in latex. He would later return in series IV as Talkie Toaster.

Comedy favourite Tony Slattery would also return as an inanimate object (in series VIII as a vending machine) having lent his voice to an actor in spoof soap opera Androids. The 'other' Tony, Tony Hawks - another actor to enjoy multiple roles in the show - reappeared as the host of Better Than Life.

Elsewhere, John Abineri put in a brief but memorable turn as Rimmer's father - the only time the influential character has been shown. Clare Grogan, Mark Williams and Mac McDonald reprised their roles as Kochanski, Petersen and Hollister respectively. Sabra Williams played Lister's lost love, Lise Yates, and Morwenna Banks - one sixth of comedy team Absolutely - was the Xpress lift attendant.

Charles Augins was employed by the show to choreograph the Tongue Tied sequence for Parallel Universe, but Augins so impressed the writers that the role of Queeg was offered to him as well. Augins had been Danny John-Jules' mentor during his early years on stage, and he would later return to choreograph another sequence in season VIII.

Elsewhere, Gordon Salkilld showed up as computer Gordon. Debbie King and Reece Clarke went uncredited (the industry standard for non-speaking roles) as Miranda the mermaid and Napoleon respectively.

Finally, the show featured an alternative crew for Parallel Universe. Suzanne Bertish and Angela Bruce were brilliantly cast as Rimmer and Lister's female equivalents, while Matthew Devitt turned up as the Dog.

Meanwhile, one Hattie Hayridge put in an appearance as Hilly, Holly's female counterpart. Hattie had been spotted on Saturday Night Live by its producer, Paul Jackson, who suggested her for the part. Not surprising, really, as she had been described as 'a female Norman Lovett'. With only one series broadcast, which Hattie had not seen, Norman very kindly lent her his own videotapes of the show for research purposes.