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The first blow in the casting of Red Dwarf III came when not one but two major roles required re-casting. Actor David Ross was extremely keen to reprise his role as Kryten when the character was introduced as a regular, but couldn't alter his schedule (he was appearing in the theatre in Flea in Her Ear) to make the recording days.

Paul Jackson knew about Robert Llewellyn, having seen his show Mammon - Robot Born of Woman in Edinburgh. Robert, it was decided, was the perfect choice and was asked to talk about the part. His meeting with the team was successful - they discussed accents (veering away from the C3PO English butler-type in favour of a Canadian twang) and approach. They also discussed walks - although Robert now recalls in horror at the thought of doing his funny walk repertoire in front of Doug Naylor, whom he later discovered to have a prosthetic leg.

The other piece of essential recasting came when Norman Lovett decided to ease his workload and retire from the role of Holly. Initially, Norman was set to stay with the show, pre-recording his location work and attending the studio shoot. But when this didn't work out financially, he moved on.

With only a short time left before shooting was set to start, and scripts already mostly complete, Red Dwarf needed a Holly-alike and fast - and who better than the woman who had, in the previous series, played his female equivalent? While others auditioned, the role was offered to Hattie Hayridge and she duly accepted.

There were also some remarkable guest 'cameos' this series as famed actress Frances Barber took on a scene as 'Jenny Mutant' and famed socialite and media name Koo Stark played Lady Sabrina Mulholland-Jjones. Ruby Wax - wife of some bloke called Ed Bye - was called in to take the part of a TV presenter at late notice. The part had originally been written for Monty Python star Graham Chapman, who passed away before filming.

Rimmer's mother appeared in the form of actress Kalli Greenwood, and for the first time in the show we also get to see Rimmer as a young boy, played by Simon Gaffney. Simon actually appeared in two episodes - in Rimmer's dorm in Timeslides and being tortured by his brothers (played by Billy Boden and Neil Muse) in a home movie in Polymorph. The sequence refers to Rimmer's nightmare scenario in last season's Better Then Life where the crews faces are smeared with jam and they are about to be eaten alive by killer ants! A young Lister was also seen in Timesides, played by Craig's own younger brother, Emile.

Timeslides also featured two non-speaking extras - who were credited anyway, because their roles had originally been speaking ones. Craig pointed out a continuity flaw in their dialogue, and so Luisa Ruthven and Mark Steel were left silent. The episode also featured Lister's band - Smeg and the Heads - portrayed by real-life band Napalm Death.

Elsewhere, it was very much business as usual. Tony Hawks returned for yet another guest part, this time as an emcee in a backwards pub, with comic actor and writer Arthur Smith yelling at Kryten in reverse. Rupert Bates turned up once again, this time as the rich Lister's bodyguard. Oh, and Adolf Hitler appeared as himself in some stock footage - complete with added Lister.

Gordon Kennedy followed in Morwenna Banks footsteps as the second Absolutely team member to appear on the show - but only just. Hudzen 10 was actually a last-minute addition to the script. The voices of Lia Williams (as Carole Brown) and Keith Buckley (as the Polymoph pod's warning announcer) could also be heard.