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As the Red Dwarf universe became more populated, the show required yet more performers for guest characters - and, given the season opener Camille, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the way to the top was to sleep with a member of the cast! Kryten and Lister's Camilles were played by their real-life partners Judy Pascoe and Suzanne Rhatigan. Proving that nepotism wasn't actually rife on set, actress Franchesca Folan was Rimmer's equivalent. Originally booked for the role of the Kochanski Camille was actress Tracy Brabin, but she was not used in the final edit of the show. Peter Spraggon was similarly replaced as the original DNA machine voice.

Tony Hawks (once again doing audience warm-up) and Rupert Bates returned for their fourth consecutive series, and the young Rimmer was once again portrayed by Simon Gaffney with Kalli Greenwood returning as his mother. Original Kryten David Ross also popped up again to provide the voice of Talkie Toaster.

In fact, the series was filled with computer voice-overs - strangely the original intended form for Holly. Richard Ridings, James Smillie and Hetty Baynes played, respectively, the DNA computer, the Justice computer and Ace's cockpit computer.

Finally, Meltdown was populated with a mass of performers. Some were actors who bore a resemblance to the character (actor and comic performer Forbes Masson as Stan Laurel, for example), while others were making a living as impersonators. In this latter category, the stand-out must be Clayton "Elvis" Mark, who would later appear in Danny John-Jules' Tongue Tied video.

The original Ghandi actor - Alex Tetteh-Lartey - incidentally, was replaced on the shooting day by Charles Reynolds when it was discovered that he was too frail to do the press-ups! Other uncredited waxdroids included Sam "Santa" Avent (or should that be Advent?), Robert Smythe and Raymond Martin as Goering and Goebells, Lorraine "Morther Theresa" Ferraro, Ray "St. Francis" Chaney and the grandly named Alice De Mellet De Bonas as Queen Victoria. Taking Rimmer's abuse more than most was Jeremy De Satge as Jean Paul Satre.