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Having established a desire for supporting actors who would really make their mark on a role, Red Dwarf V picked the cream of British talent to appear in key parts. Timothy Spall brought life to Brummie AR technician Andy, and his Life is Sweet co-star Jane Horrocks sizzled as Rimmer's first true love, Nirvanah Crane. Don Warrington, who would later appear in Grant Naylor's The 10%ers, stole his scene as Commander Binks.

Well known actress Maggie Steed, meanwhile, was persuaded to wear prosthetic face make-up as dying hologram Dr Lanstrom. And Jack Docherty - here going under his real name of John - became the third of the Absolutely team to appear in the show as he brought his tall physique to the Inquisitor.

Lenny Von Dohlen, well known to genre fans from Twin Peaks, was persuaded by friend Frances Barber (formerly season III's Jenny Mutant) to take the part of the cop in Back to Reality. Interestingly, Twin Peaks creator David Lynch was at one point interested in bringing Red Dwarf to the big screen himself. How his bizarre style would have blended with the SF comedy is anyone's guess!

With evil doubles and time-space replacements populating the series, it was hardly surprising that the show, well, doubled up on the doubles. Having played the alternative Lister and Kryten in The Inquisitor, Jake Abraham and Tim Yeates returned to help out with the more complex parts of Demons and Angels. The Inquisitor also saw one Thomas Allman, played by James Cormack, replaced by another, Trevor St. John Hacker. Duane Cox portrayed the young Lister.

Back to Reality also forged an entire duplicate crew for a new AR simulation. These were Anastasia Hille (Kochanski), David Lemkin (Cat), Julian Lyon (Rimmer), John Sharian (Lister) and Scott Charles Bennett (Kryten). The apple-stealing child was played by Kaner Salt.

After one rehearsal, Hattie Hayridge was pulled over for speeding. At the time she was giving a lift to Craig and his Lister double, Jake - the police officer recognised Craig and decided that, if they could handle a spaceship, then they could certainly cope with Hattie's 23 year old banger.