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How do you beat the guest stars of Red Dwarf V? By bringing in yet more of the cool cameos that made that series such a success - and what better than a guest who featured on the show at the very beginning? Clare Grogan reprised her role of Kochanski (sort of) for the final time in Psirens.

Clare shared the screen with TV favourite Anita Dobson - who actually got involved as her then-partner Brian May was approached (though not, eventually, hired) to provide Lister's guitar-playing hands. Anita was so stunning in her cameo role, including a superb on-screen death, that Clare became rather intimidated. So did the make-up team, who were initially nervous of making Anita too dirty, and she told them to just slap the stuff on!

Sadly, one former Dwarf face didn't make it to the sixth season. Hattie Hayridge was disappointed to discover that Holly was being taken out of the show - but, as we all know, nothing in Red Dwarf is irreversible, and Hattie remains a firm fan favourite.

With the pilot episode of Grant Naylor's The 10%ers recently completed, two of its stars (Denis Lill and Liz Hickling) also showed up as rogue simulants. Denis had approached Rob and Doug at the 10%ers launch to say what a fan he was of the show. When they told him they were doing Gunmen, Denis pounced - he'd always wanted to do a Western.

Gunmen was filled with extras and stunt performers. Jennifer Calvert (whom Danny John-Jules had appeared alongside of in kids TV sit-com Spatz) snogged Lister in AR, while Stephen (Bear Strangler McGee) Marcus and Steve (Jimmy) Devereaux caused trouble for the boys from the Dwarf. Dinny Powell lent his ample frame to Famine, Jeremy Peters swatted flies as Pestilence and fire-breather Robert Inch whacked Rimmer on the head as War.

Despite some costumed parts (particularly the killer Psirens) being portrayed by members of the effects team, there was still room for a few performers under the latex. Steven Wickham (a familiar name in the Dr Who Appreciation Society), Martin Sims and TV chef Ainsley Harriott all played GELFs and Nigel Williams squeezed himself into Legion's tight outfit. (Ainsley would later present Can't Smeg Won't Smeg for the 10th Anniversary Red Dwarf Night).

Keeping with the usual Red Dwarf system, yet another performer returned for a new role in the show - Richard Ridings, who had already voiced the DNA computer in series IV, slavered over the screen as a crazed astro before having his brain sucked out.

And finally, putting Barbarella to shame, Samantha Robson essayed Pete Tranter's Sister (a woman who, according to a cut line, was so special to that adolescent Lister that he cut a special hole in his pocket just for her). Sam and Craig threw themselves into the snog scene with a gusto that had the crew cracking up - despite the cold.