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White Hole

Holly regains her genius level IQ and for reasons best known to herself powers down the ship, leaving the crew drifting helplessly towards a White Hole. Will Rimmer sacrifice his hologramatic life to save the rest of the crew?

White Hole

Classic Dwarf

"Howdy doodly doo!" Kryten repairs the utterly irritating Talkie Toaster after the accident, "Why, that was no accident - that was first degree toastercide."

Lister becomes concerned that his lack of attention in science class may be his undoing: "Why did I always turn to page 47 and start drawing little beards and moustaches on the sperms?"

The deciding vote for planet pool goes to the Cat, and even though he thinks Rimmer's right, "I could not bring myself to vote for someone with your dress sense. I don't want to put my cross next to the bri-nylon party!"

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