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Stoke Me A Clipper

Rimmer's much more dashing alter ego, Ace Rimmer, arrives on Starbug terminally wounded. He asks Rimmer to take his place as the swashbuckling guardian of the Universe. Reluctantly Rimmer has to turn him down as he's too busy cataloguing his shoe collection.

Stoke Me A Clipper

Classic Dwarf

Ace Rimmer saves Princess Bonjella from the Nazis but is mortally wounded by a shot in the chest, complaining, This is my best top, dammit!

Ace is convinced Rimmer has potential, that you can't judge a book by its cover. And you can't confuse Rimmer with a book, Lister insists. For a start, a book's got a spine.

Rimmer takes Ace's place and will be setting off into the big black... just as soon as he works out the ignition controls from the ejector seat.

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