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Back In The Red - Part 1

Not only have the nanobots recreated Red Dwarf, they've also populated the ship with its original crew. This is extremely good news for Rimmer.

Back In The Red - Part 1

Classic Dwarf

Starbug crashes through a duct inside the massive Red Dwarf - and into the posterior of a rat. "I hope we don't get stopped by the cops," Holly dead-pans. "They don't like it when you're rat-arsed."

Rimmer refutes Lister's claims of integrity: "People of honour generally don't take a Polaroid of your snoozing todger, draw a moustache, mouth and ears on it, and then pin it up on the notice-board under 'Missing Persons'."

Kryten's psychiatrist is confused by the mechanoid's start-up date: "2340. Now that's in the future, isn't it?" Kryten: "Yes sir, I was created after you died..."

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