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Howard Goodall was already well known for his work on Blackadder and seemed the ideal choice for Red Dwarf. The original opening theme was designed, with its classical music style, to parody the grandiosity of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Odyssey.

Red Dwarf's musical maestro, Howard Goodall

The closing theme, meanwhile, had its origins in the pilot script. Lister's dream of living on Fiji inspired Howard to write lyrics from the character's point of view; a man alone in space imagining himself on a beach in the warm sun. The song was performed by Jenna Russell, a singer and actress with whom Howard had worked on one of his musicals. Howard was on keyboards, Graham Russell on trumpet, Dave Roach on Sax, Alistair Ross on organ, Richard Marangelo on drums, Richard Edwards on trumpet, Robert Burns on bass and Mark Stevens synthesiser.

Howard Goodall's incidental music was mostly used for scene transitions, much as with a traditional sitcom. However a dramatic piece was used for Lister's discovery that he is alone on the ship, and the Cat had some extremely funky music to slink by.

One of the most popular pieces of incidental music was created for the spacewalk scene in Confidence and Paranoia. Howard combined the Red Dwarf theme with The Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Straus to great effect.


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