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Howard Goodall has always enjoyed the chance to parody an existing style of music, and so laid into the Androids theme tune with great gusto. The song, a dig at the theme from Australian soap opera Neighbours, contained additional lyrics, removed for reasons of time and pacing.

But if the Androids lyrics were slightly slimmed down, those for Tongue Tied were forced onto a massive crash diet. Somewhere between concept and execution, the song got away from the shows makers and acquired a life of its own - running to over four minutes, a long time in TV's half hour.

The existing lyrics, by Grant and Naylor, were put to music by Howard, who had originally intended a piece in the 'overblown' style of Chain Reaction by Diana Ross. The song was cut down to better fit the show, although the full length version was eventually shown of the Smeg Outs tape, while in 1995 Danny John-Jules released his own version of the song, complete with a new recording of the main theme tune on the B side.

Elsewhere in the season, the incidental music was taken from existing recordings done for the first series, with a smattering of new pieces - the most affecting of which is probably the sad lament which accompanies the characters in the Observation Dome.

That piece is also used for Holly's farewell in Queeg... and is followed by Norman Lovett's solo performance of Goodbye to Love during the characters erasure - a parody of Hal in 2001 bidding farewell with Daisy Daisy. Howard also put in a brief vocal appearance himself, providing the voice for an earnest rendition of the theme from High Noon as Holly prepares to face his nemesis.

Holly can also be heard whistling Elma Berstein's iconic theme to The Great Escape, while Rimmer turns in a brief snippet of I'm Off To See The Wizard from The Wizard of Oz. But for sheer silliness, the solo singing award must go to Chris Barrie who, in a Rimmer dream sequence, was forced to sing, in a thoroughly inappropriate style, George and Ira Gerswin's classic 'Someone to Watch Over Me' in top hat, tails... and no trousers.