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QWhen will we get the next online quiz? adds a new quiz at random intervals - but all past quizzes are stored in the Games section.
QWhat is Geek Chase and how do I play?
AGeek Chase is an online 'treasure hunt', originally created to promote the Beat the Geek DVD and now available to all. The object is to find the email address of Kryten's creator, Professor Mamet. You start with just one website address - - and the rest is up to you. You'll find a hints and tips section on each specially-created Geek Chase site.
QI'm stuck on Geek Chase - can I get a hint?
AYou can read a full walkthrough here, but we suggest highlighting one point at a time. That way you should find something you haven't done without spoiling the whole game.
QWhat are the Beat the Geek DVD game codes?
AIf you really want to cheat, if getting a full score on you interactive DVD is proving too tough, here are the codes for the free bonus games available in the Beat the Geek arcade (highlight invisible text with your cursor to view):

Level 1Black Holes7523
Level 3Whack-a-Flibble1921
Level 5Vending Machine3598
Level 7Polymorph9639
Score 50Lager Can Alley7148

QWhat is the Polymorph game?
AAlso available from our games section, it's a Flash game intended as a bit of fun and included on the site when in relaunched in 2000. You will need Flash installed to play.