Website Help

QHow often does update?
AWe update the site every week.
QWhy should I register with
AWe email thousands of fans with exciting news and promotions - such as new product releases and money-off vouchers. But you will not be constantly inundated with 'spam'. Your address is strictly protected, and only passed on to trusted Red Dwarf partners. We will never sell your information on.
QHow do I improve the accuracy of my searches?
AThe way you combine words will change the kinds of results you get. You can also insert some capitalised search terms to refine your results. For example:

Deleted scenes - searches for the phrase deleted scenes only.
Chloe OR Clare - searches for articles that include either word. (You can also use a comma in place of the OR.)
Toast AND waffles - searches only for articles that include both words.
Chicken NOT curry - searches for articles that include the first word, but not the second.

Certain word searches also include their variations - so a search for film will also find results for films, filming and filmed.

Note that searching for several words at once will only search for those words in that order unless separated by OR, AND or NOT.
QHow do I join the forum?
AClick here to begin, then simply follow the instructions. All forum accounts must be manually approved by our moderators for spam and security reasons, so you should receive an email confirming your account within a few days. If more than a week passes between signing up and confirmation, feel free to get in touch at to give us a nudge!
QHow do I change my forum profile details?
AClick 'My Profile' in the forum's menu to change your screen name, password, etc. If you need to change your email address please contact the Manager by email at Be sure to include your login name, password, your old email address and your new email address.
QWhy do my messages keep getting deleted from the Forum?
AIf we kept every message ever printed, it would soon become far too large to be manageable. Each message stays on the board for a reasonable period until being squeezed off in favour of the new. However, some messages may have to be deleted for legal reasons or if their content is considered offensive.

Some users who have noticed messages 'going missing' have later discovered that they are simply no longer accessible under the 'New Messages' category. Please refer to the online instructions on the forum for more information.