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Disc Jockeys Gold Run Dead Roots Demand The Best <em>Red Dwarf</em> Returns... Twice!
Disc Jockeys
Complete your DVD collection at bargain prices!
Gold Run
The UKTV repeats carry on.
Dead Roots
Zombie comic features Red Dwarf alumni.
Demand The Best
Red Dwarf returns to Netflix.
Red Dwarf Returns... Twice!
It's official: Series XI and XII to shoot later this year.

Upcoming Showings

Date Time Channel Location Episode
06.07.2015 22:20 Dave UK The End
07.07.2015 13:00 Dave UK The End
07.07.2015 22:20 Dave UK Future Echoes
08.07.2015 13:00 Dave UK Future Echoes
09.07.2015 13:00 Dave UK Balance of Power