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Watch Red Dwarf for free, thanks to Dave!
Coming Attractions
Watch out for the Red Dwarf crew on a screen near you.
Red Christmas
Your Dwarfy Gift Guide.
Repeats Roll On
The Dave-a-thon continues with III, IV and V.
Return of the Mac
Captain Hollister appearing at DJ XVIII.

Upcoming Showings

Date Time Channel Location Episode
22.12.2014 00:00 WETA UK Washington Kryten
22.12.2014 00:30 WETA UK Washington Better than Life
27.12.2014 11:00 WETA UK Washington The Inquisitors
27.12.2014 22:00 KBTC Tacoma Back in Red
27.12.2014 22:00 KBTC HDTV Tacoma Back in Red