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Soul Dates Late Night Down Under Full House At EM-Con Dan-ster's Paradise Return of the Mac
Soul Dates
Craig's live funk night rolls into 2015.
Late Night Down Under
Episodes showing on Australia's ABC2.
Full House At EM-Con
The crew reunite for Nottingham convention.
Dan-ster's Paradise
DJJ's Dwayne Myers returns.
Return of the Mac
Captain Hollister appearing at DJ XVIII.

Upcoming Showings

Date Time Channel Location Episode
23.01.2015 22.20 ABC2 Australia The Last Day
24.01.2015 01.10 ABC2 Australia The Last Day
26.01.2015 23.10 ABC2 Australia Camille
27.01.2015 22.30 ABC2 Australia DNA
27.01.2015 01.45 ABC2 Australia Camille