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Dwarfers in Brum Outback to Reality Dave's Dwarf-a-Thon Return of the Mac Red Dwarf Nippon
Dwarfers in Brum
Several cast members attending MCM Birmingham show.
Outback to Reality
Craig joins ITV's celebrity jungle.
Dave's Dwarf-a-Thon
New repeat run kicks off with Series I this weekend.
Return of the Mac
Captain Hollister appearing at DJ XVIII.
Red Dwarf Nippon
Japanese BTE and RDX boxset gets release date.

Upcoming Showings

Date Time Channel Location Episode
24.11.2014 00:00 WETA UK Washington Pete
24.11.2014 00:30 K44GS Wichita Trojan
24.11.2014 00:30 KERA Dallas Trojan
24.11.2014 00:30 KERA HDTV Dallas Trojan
24.11.2014 00:30 WETA UK Washington Only the Good