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Ackerman is Backerman Big In Japan Soul Dates Late Night Down Under Full House At EM-Con
Ackerman is Backerman
Graham McTavish is the latest DJXVIII guest.
Big In Japan
New BTE/RDX boxset released!
Soul Dates
Craig's live funk night rolls into 2015.
Late Night Down Under
Episodes showing on Australia's ABC2.
Full House At EM-Con
The crew reunite for Nottingham convention.

Upcoming Showings

Date Time Channel Location Episode
02.02.2015 00:30 K44GS Wichita Me²
02.02.2015 00:30 KERA Dallas Me²
02.02.2015 00:30 KERA HDTV Dallas Me²
02.02.2015 22:55 ABC2 Australia Meltdown
03.02.2015 01:15 ABC2 Australia Meltdown