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Double Dwarf Dimension Jump XVIII Come Out And Play All That Reaction <em>Red Dwarf</em> Returns... Twice! Ch-Ch-Changes
Double Dwarf
Back-to-back weeknight showings on Dave!
Dimension Jump XVIII
Official Fan Club Convention Report.
Come Out And Play
Episodes on UKTV's new on-demand service... and Sky, too!
All That Reaction
Red Dwarf XI/XII news makes waves.
Red Dwarf Returns... Twice!
It's official: Series XI and XII to shoot later this year.
Red Dwarf's history of retcons.

Upcoming Showings

Date Time Channel Location Episode
30.05.2015 11:00 WETA UK Washington Back in Red
01.06.2015 00:00 WETA UK Washington Krytie TV
01.06.2015 00:30 WETA UK Washington Pete