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Better Than Life

by Grant Naylor

Lister is lost.

Three million years from Earth he's marooned in a world created by his own psyche. For Lister it's the lost dangerous place he could possibly be because he's completely happy.

Rimmer has a problem too. He's dead. But that's not the problem. Rimmer's problem is that he's trapped in a landscape controlled by his own subconscious. And Rimmer's subconscious doesn't like him on little bit.

Together with Cat, the best-dressed entity in all six known universes, and Kryten, a sanitation Mechanoid with a missing sanity chip, they are trapped in the ultimate computer game: Better Than Life. The zenith of computer-game technology, BTL transports you directly to a perfect world of your imagination, a world where you can enjoy fabulous wealth and unmitigated success.

It's the ideal game with only one drawback - it's so good, it will kill you.

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