The official Red Dwarf merchandise store has now closed, but you can still get hold of Red Dwarf Blu-rays, DVDs and books by browsing the below database:

Red Dwarf Roleplaying Game

Manufactured by Deep 7.

Three million years. Infinite dimensions. Unlimited possibilities.

Staggering drunkenly from the long-running BBC sci-fi comedy series, Red Dwarf- The Roleplaying Game brings all the fun, creativity and personal abuse of the TV show to a dining table near you!

Play a human, hologram, mechanoid, gelf, simulant, evolved pet, even a skutter or a wax droid! Create your own alternate Red Dwarf dimension and scour the universe in search of adventure, romance and the edible pot noodle!

12 profiled character types with infinite variations.
Complete cinematic roleplaying system.
Ships, hardware & personnel listings.
Handy primer on roleplaying Red Dwarf.
Red Dwarf scenario generator.
AI section with valuable gameplay tips.

(Pencils, standard dice and friends not included)

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