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Red Dwarf (US)

by Grant Naylor
(USA hardback, Guild America, 1993)
ISBN: 978-1568650494 (1568650493)

Outer space has never been more outrageous...

Lister could just about remember a wild birthday binge with his friends - and then nothing until he woke up slumped over a table in a McDonald's on Mimas.

Lots of people forget things when they're drunk, but amnesia wasn't Lister's greatest problem. It was the fact that the planet Mimas was about 793,000,000 miles from Liverpool, and transport was ridiculously expensive.

He signed aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf to work his way home, only the ship met with disaster - again, not a pressing problem, since Lister survived. No, his real dilemma was that the ship's computer had kept him in stasis for 3,000,000 years, and in all likelihood, the rest of the human race was extinct.

Includes Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better Than Life.

Notes: Extremely curious American hardback release. Published by Doubleday (under the Guild America imprint) and sold to members of a subscription-only sci-fi book club.

Collects Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better Than Life in their original texts, i.e. not the Omnibus versions, and features a truly unusual cover illustration by artist Walter Velez, which we can only assume is based on reading the novel without ever having seen the TV series.

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