Doctors - Who?'s Website Coordinator is let loose on the TV-licence-paying public.

18 April, 2003

Regulars to this site and its online communities will know that Andrew Ellard, the Website Coordinator, is also a budding scriptwriter.

The acclaimed script-writer... and Andrew Ellard!

Somehow, in between producing the weekly updates for, acting as Mr Flibble's right-hand man and working on the Red Dwarf DVD releases in his role as Associate Producer, Andrew has managed to find the time to write an episode of the BBC's daytime medical drama Doctors. (The man obviously has far too much free time and should be given more tasks around the office.)

The episode, Donations, will be aired on BBC1 at 2.05pm on Tuesday, April 22nd, and centres around the almost-father, almost-son relationship between Graham (Robert Austin) and Duncan (Ray Panthaki) on the day they both go to give blood. While it contains absolutely no doctors being transported to parallel universes (in which their handwriting is legible), and no homicidal genetically-engineered life forms, there might be one little Dwarfy reference in there for the dedicated.

As for what Andrew has in store for the future, it's simple: "No plan, sir - no sleeves!"

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