Master Mindpatch

A Red Dwarf fan is tested on his specialist knowledge of the show in Mastermind.

19 September, 2003

So you think you know Red Dwarf, huh? Every little bit of the show is recorded in your memory? Want to put that to the test? Because Steve Clark has. September 29th sees the broadcast of Mastermind where Steve - a mental health nurse from Bournemouth - will test his knowledge of all things Dwarfian against others' specialist subject of Shostakovich, Florence Nightingale and Kingsley Amis.

Master Mindpatch

"I'm a bit of a quiz-show junkie," Steve (pictured) told, "and I've been on about a dozen different ones in all, including Fifteen to One (three times), The Weakest Link, Countdown and Brainteaser. I also won Britain's Brainiest Nurse a couple of years ago but it was never screened, so only my friends and family are aware of my achievement!"

"Mastermind is to me the Holy Grail of quiz shows, it's known and respected throughout the world, and although there's no big money or prizes to be won it carries more prestige than any other quiz show."

John Humphrys grilled all four contestants some time ago, and Mr Flibble will shortly have a full interview with the Dwarf-loving brainiac - but as far as Mastermind goes, you'll have to wait until the broadcast to find out if Steve knows his Ace from his Bongo.

Mastermind will be shown on September 29th at 8pm on BBC2.


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