Lovely Listings

New Year blues? Surely not with Red Dwarf showing on the box!

9 January, 2004

Okay, pop-pickers, here's the current rundown of Red Dwarf's presence on TV.

Lovely Listings

The USA continues to see the boyz on PBS - check the USA Tracker for details - and in Canada, BBC Kids can't seem to go a day with a screening or two. Showing at 12.30am with a 3.00am repeat, on weekdays you can currently catch the end of Series VII, with VIII starting on Wednesday the 14th before Series I begins again on Monday the 26th. BBC Kids are also running Series VII on Saturdays and Sundays.

Out in Australia, staunch Dwarf supporter UKTV are showing Series VII(again!) at the moment on Saturdays filling a prime-time 8.30pm slot, with an 11.30pm Sunday repeat.

UKTV's sister channel in New Zealand is going one better, with screenings every weekday at 11.30pm and repeats at 3.30pm the next weekday. Amazingly, they're not currently in the midst of Series VII - you can catch the tail end of Series VIII now, with Smeg Ups on January 14th, The A-Z of Red Dwarf the next day... and then they're off again with Series I!

All this Dwarf just goes to show the impact the programme has had globally - but for a look at the opinions closer to home Jonathan Ross is hosting Britain's Best Sitcom on Saturday, January 10th at 9pm. The three-hour extravaganza will bring you a countdown of the top 50 Brit-sit-coms (aside from the top ten, which get shows of their own over the subsequent ten weeks).

Red Dwarf, we can confirm is placed, and placed pretty darn well. But how much of the show will you have to sit through before you see some classic clips and Craig Charles's interview? Well, you'll have to wait and see...

But what of the BBC2 repeats? Well, it seems the channel is replacing the Sunday night comedy section with proper, grown-up telly. No chance of catching Revenge of the Surfboarding Killer Bikini Vampire Girls... or, it seems, Red Dwarf. Series VII will be pulled after Sunday 11th's Tikka to Ride. Where next? Rest assured will let you know as soon as fresh plans are laid.

You can find TV listings for all the countries mentioned in the Dwarf Tracker.

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