Beginning The Legend

The new fan club magazine focuses in on Dwarf's first series.

4 June, 2004

Yes, despite the fact that nobody spotted it last time, we've once again based our headline on the BTL acronym - and it's jolly appropriate if we do say so ourselves. The new issue of Better Than Life is due out any second now, and the centrepiece is a section devoted to Red Dwarf's primary season.

Beginning The Legend

The all-new Dwarf Times centre section launches with a look at Series I, its quirks and distinguishing features. (Making it sound like a wanted criminal. "Series I is still at large and should be considered armed and funny.") It's a cool addition to the BTL line-up - with more than a touch of parody-based comedy to lighten up your day.

Elsewhere, there are all the usual titbits, fan feedback and opinion, news nuggets and articles. Demons and Angels is the episode In Focus, avid (read: lunatic) collector James Bull talks Dwarfyness (you may remember him from elsewhere), and Steves Harris and Rogers report on the fan commentary recordings. It was a hell of a time for all of us!

You can - and should! - join the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club right now, right here.

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