Film Competition

Do you want to see your work on the Series VII and VIII DVDs? Enter our brand new fan film competition!

14 January, 2005

Calling all camcorder owners and animators. We're opening our doors to you for our forthcoming DVD productions of Series VII and VIII!

Film Competition

Colour or black and white; silent, sound or musical - this is your chance to get your work seen by thousands of people as part of our bonus material. We have only two major rules - it has to be Dwarf related, based on existing ideas from Series I-VIII, and it has to be ten minutes or under in duration.

Maybe you have a Red Dwarf story of your own to tell, with you and your friends as Rimmer, Lister and co. Or how about a spin-off story about Ace Rimmer or Duane Dibbley? Or hey, how about plugging a continuity hole - just what did go on between Series II and III...?

Film Competition

Then again, how about trying a parody? Maybe some short sketches - Lister's GELF bride's hen night and the life and times of Paranoia? Or why not go for broke and try a backstage spoof in the style of Star Wars fan film George Lucas in Love. Being Doug Naylor, perhaps?

It could be an animated film - CGI, Flash, claymation, Pythonesque cutouts or even traditional hand-drawn cel animation. You could even use sounds and dialogue from the existing episodes.

Film Competition

Or you could place yourself into Red Dwarf scenes. Check out the Steve Martin movie Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, where old footage from classic 40s noirs was cleverly edited with new footage to tell a totally different story - with Martin apparently appearing opposite Humphrey Bogart!

If all else fails, there's always the dizzy world of documentary. The life of the Red Dwarf fan is a many and varied thing - maybe you're a collector, maybe you've created costumes. Maybe you force your friends at gunpoint to discuss the dimension theory of reality - if so, drop us a tape and we'll forward a copy to the appropriate authorities.

There's no age limit, so long as the film itself is suitable for a PG/12 rating. And there's no limit to how many films you can enter. Go crazy! The deadline is April 29th, 2005.

A mailing address, submission form, plus a full breakdown of the rules will be posted on shortly - then it's lights, camera, action!

Film Competition

Chat ideas over, ask questions and even find other people to join your project via the Red Dwarf WebBoard.

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