DJ Footage

GNP preview Series VII documentary at the August convention.

1 July, 2005

DJXII: 26th -28th August 2005
Peterborough Moat House Hotel
Peterborough, England

It's no wonder the twelfth Red Dwarf convention recently had to expand to an overflow hotel. The event is already shaping up to be one of the most fascinating yet, with effects divas Mike Tucker, Peter Tyler, Nick Kool and Alan Brannan all trucking up to show us how it was all done. Oh, and some of the most beloved cast members have also confirmed - among them Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and Norman Lovett.

The FX Divas

Now, along with providing the usual drunken representatives who can't dance, Grant Naylor have also released an exclusive teaser of their Series VII documentary for screening during the weekend. The ten-minute extract will be the ' Blue' section of the docco, which includes all the usual humiliating anecdotes, vis-FX tricks and unseen footage.

Ah, yes - unseen footage. For the first time you will see, complete and uncut, the Rimmer and Lister snog. Did Craig slip Chris the tongue? Did Chris gargle with a Toilet Duck afterwards? See for yourselves. Plus you'll learn just how bad Chris' golf swing really is... and learn the truth behind the shooting day the cast dubbed 'Black Friday'. (Or was is Wednesday? Or Monday? They're not entirely sure, but one thing's for sure - it was a bad old day.)

Ooh, get a room!

The club has also been in talks with GNP and our top five Fan Film Runners Up in the hopes of screening these mini-masterpieces. The winners are being saved for the DVD, of course, but it's a chance to see the ones that so nearly made it...

Meanwhile, the ever-vibrant club chairman, Mr James Bull, has been waxing enthusiastic on the subject of the year's best weekend: "This year we have a special guest that has never attended a Red Dwarf convention, but has been tailored to fit this year's convention, seen many times on the DVDs, and is a star in his own right!

"Not only will you be able to see and ask your favourite Red Dwarf star questions that you have been burning to ask, you will have the chance to get almost anything of your personal items signed by them. Yes, even personals that have been signed before! So gather up your pots and pans and bring them along to get them signed!

"So you've sat and watched and listened to all the stars reveal all their secrets, stories and best bits from Red Dwarf, what else is in store? The auction! Sell your best friend for cash, so you can have the chance to buy and treasure something that was once used in Red Dwarf, worn or even held by one of the actual stars of the show, the chance to have the DNA of the stars, in your very hand! Think what amazing things you could do with it! Turn yourself into a chicken? Not what I had in mind...but at least you get free eggs for breakfast.

"Auction items this year will include three costumes - Kochanski's basketball outfit, a lilac prisoner outfit and an officers jacket from Back in the Red - and the props are a Leopard Lager can, a Meddling with Megabytes prop book, some medi-lab forms which say Kryten on them, and a packet of JMC cigarettes. So get those hands in the air! Proceeds will be donated to a designated charity.


"You want more? Well, we still have the disco where you can strut your funky stuff and have no fear of looking like the last chicken in the shop. No Inquisitor to judge here! Dance with the rest of the Red Dwarf posse and have fun.

"So now you're full to the brim with Red Dwarf! You couldn't even have an After Eight mint without exploding and yet what is one of the most interesting and great things about the Dimension Jump? The chance to meet the fans themselves of course! Like-minded humans with mint sauce who you can chat to, and in some case make long lasting relationships that can continue into the future. So don't be left out in the car park, come inside and join the party that is Red Dwarf Dimension Jump XII!"

We're exhausted just reading about it... but we'll be there!

Sign up for Dimension Jump XII right here.

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