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Dwarf on the gogglebox - UK and Australia.

26 August, 2005

Well, it may not have escaped your notice that British satellite/cable station UKTV Gold 2 have gone a bit do-lally for Dwarf just lately. And on Monday, August 22nd they began an all-series, one-a-night run. You can find the latest episode listings here, or just hit the channel at 8.40pm Monday to Saturday.

Well the popcorn's ok but I'm not sure this hot dog is all that fresh

There's also a four-episode run slated for Sunday, September 25th from 9pm - an odd selection featuring Dimension Jump, Meltdown, Demons & Angels and Back to Reality. UKTV Gold 2 may have bigger plans, though, with rumours abounding of a heavy-duty Red Dwarf Weekend in November. No details yet, but this may include more than you'd expect...

Over in Australia, the confusingly-named UKTV are also back broadcasting Red Dwarf to the masses. Packs of episodes are wandering Saturday mornings like well-herded sheep - again, you can check the Dwarf Tracker for the latest. Oh, and they're also planning a Dwarf weekend, this time for October 1st/2nd/3rd.

Meanwhile, UKTV in New Zealand - another channel with the same name; is anyone else getting confused? - are looking at starting up with the show in December. More news when we manage to un-knot our brains.

Pick up international TV listings from the Dwarf Tracker.

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