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21 October, 2005

Robert Llewellyn - jack of more trades than a man called Jack with many, many trades - has a new DVD project in development that may just have attracted the eye of a major DVD distributor. Yep, that's right, Robert has a new, bigger, bolder comedy disc on the way.

Llewnie Latest

Robert posted the following to his website forum on October 8th:

Just to hopefully whet your appetite, I am in the middle of hectic pre-production on my new DVD which will be launched early 2006, and it's not like WomanWizard. This is a made-for-DVD project with loads, and I mean loads, of extras; it's a sizzling comedy documentary which has been brewing away in the Llewnie brain for years. It's a fantasy that could so easily be true. I will soon be putting up a trailer which might explain a little of what I am doing, but we start shooting in a couple of weeks, and already the intense graphic and CGI elements are starting to be laid down to disk.

Anyone who's seen Woman Wizard - or even Robert's previous comedy lecture The Reconstructed Heart - will know just how damn funny this stuff is. But this is something much bigger - Bobby's calling in friends and favours like there's no tomorrow. Producing and directing himself, this is on a whole new scale - a scope to match his talent - rumour has it he might just get some Dwarf names in there, too. Tony Hawks' name has been mumbled, and he may be working with Red Dwarf make-up artist Andrea Finch on some special prosthetics, too...

Finally, if you're crazy enough to be missing out on the Memorabilia Cast Reunion on November 26th/27th, or you just want to get in that little bit earlier, Robert can be found all on his lonesome at The Videodrome store in Worcester on Sunday, November 13th signing copies of the Series VII DVD.

You can link to Robert's website, as well as the Videodrome and Memorabilia sites, via Links.

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