Just The Artwork

Box set number two designs revealed.

21 July, 2006 (Updated 4 August, 2006)

Just the Shows Vol 1. was the surprise success of 2004 for Grant Naylor. Despite terrific sales on the regular DVD sets, it seems some shoppers wanted something a little less cumbersome - episodes only, no extras.

Just The Artwork

And so here we are with the follow-up, exactly-what-it-says-on-the-digipack release - Just the Shows: Vol. 2.

Just The Artwork

Unsurprisingly, the pack has been designed to match the first box set, complete with moody, rather than 'whacky', main photo. Slightly surprisingly, this hasn't just meant a simple change of numerals and photo. Volume 2 has the inverse colour scheme to Volume 1 - glossy black with grey detail, making it distinct from the first release, but still clearly part of the same family.

Just The ArtworkJust The Artwork

This box set of Series 5 to 8 comes on six discs. The final, longer two series are split over two discs each - though because they'll attach to the digipack as a pair, the box will still be the same size as Volume 1. It includes 28 episodes, subtitles... and nothing else. At all. Unless you count 'interactive menu' as an extra. (We don't.)

Those menus are, once again, based on stills from the show's space effects shots. No animation, background rumble audio... though we can't help but love the little highlight icon, which is shaped like the Red Dwarf logo's ellipse.

Just The ArtworkJust The ArtworkJust The ArtworkJust The ArtworkJust The ArtworkJust The Artwork

This vanilla pack is anticipating a UK release in October 2006. In the meantime, Series V, VI, VII and VIII are still available in two- or three-disc sets, packed with commentaries, documentaries, outtakes, deleted scenes and featurettes.

UPDATED: The UK release date for Just The Shows is now confirmed as October 2nd, 2006.

Just the Shows Vol. 2 is available from Merchandise.

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