Chris Is Horrific

Starring in When Evil Calls.

13 October, 2006

Some things are just so zeitgeisty they make you smack your forehead and wonder why you didn't get there first.

Chris Is Horrific

When Evil Calls is a 20-episode mobile TV series from Zone Horror. It centres around the mysterious appearance of a text message that grants the students at Wilburn High School their wildest desires. Cue spontaneous breast growth and weight loss... only, don't expect a happy ending.

Chris Is Horrific

Chris Barrie plays the school's scandal-averse Headmaster and parent to a geeky daughter, hampering the investigations of Detective Ringwald (Dominique 'French-Cool' Pinon) and Sergeant Nelson (Sean Brosnan) into the grisly goings-on at the school.

Chris Is Horrific

The website is live now - and, be warned, is viewed at your own discretion, cos it gets kinda icky. (Episodes will only be available after the 9pm watershed.) The series will launch in association with O2 on October 23rd, just in time for Halloween.

Chris Is Horrific has a few shots of Chris in action. Sadly we didn't get the 'schoolgirls kissing' image, but you can't have everything.

You can link to cast and crew websites via Links.

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