French Five

Series V DVD released in France.

14 September, 2007

It's been a little while since the Series I to IV releases happened - November last year was the last, in fact - so rejoice, rejoice, for at last we have news on the Series V DVD release in France.

French Five

The double-disc DVD came out on September 12th. It includes much of the bonus content our UK, USA and Australia readers will be used to - Heavy Science documentary, deleted scenes, Smeg Ups, trailers, raw effects footage, Mike Tucker's SFX documentary, music cues, music featurette and Back to Reality animation (an Easter Egg on the English-language releases, but here promoted to full extra as with the previous French editions). Even the animated menus are adapted from the UK originals.

So - the French release of this DVD, like series one, two, three and four, a two-disc set including the bulk of the bonus material we've come to know and love. Only, y'know, with subtitles. In French.

Pick up the Series V DVD now from Merchandise.

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