Lost In Music

A complete history of the library tracks and songs featured in Red Dwarf.

10 October, 2008

Howard Goodall is a TV music legend, and his tracks for Red Dwarf have been a big part of the show's success. From the various versions of the theme tune as songs and stings through elegant underscores to the novelty value of Tongue Tied and the Rimmer Munchkin Song... well, any fan worth his salt can hum his stuff.

Lost In Music

But there's a second batch of music in Red Dwarf. Rarer, less used, occasionally familiar yet infrequently discussed. While one may think 'pre-existing music' only refers to familiar songs, there's a whole world of 'library' music available to productions - tracks composed for general use, for sale to anyone who wants them - and once in a while, Red Dwarf wanted.

So here, episode by episode, and because you repeatedly demanded it on our Forum, is a breakdown of the existing music used through Red Dwarf's eight series. Music library agencies such as KPM and Chappell are cited where possible, as are authors/musicians and titles. In some cases not all of this information was readily available. Remastered tracks are listed only where they differ from, or are in addition to, the original music.

Click here to access the Library Music section of our Complete Guide.

If you're able to provide information to further improve this feature, please post in our Forum - we'd be jolly grateful.

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