Lucky Fourteen

Day added to Red Dwarf production schedule.

6 March, 2009

This news item appears on on Friday, March 6th - which is also the 'bonus ball' of the new Red Dwarf production, a extra shooting day.

Lucky Fourteen

With a production as complex as this, it's perhaps inevitable that schedules have proven hard to stick to. Cast and crew are working extra-long and extra-hard... but in the end thirteen days just wasn't quite enough. So welcome, then, to the all-new fourteen day schedule.

Over Friday, Saturday and Sunday the team will be both on location and back at Shepperton Studios, relocating to Studio L (already in use as Red Dwarf's secondary set-up) for extra set shooting. Some things have been moved, some have been created anew... and inevitably we're not giving you any details.

It is, frankly, a relief to those of a superstitious bent that there's one less unlucky number in the mix. A thirteen-day schedule that included two Friday the thirteenths - one in pre-production, one in post - with editing taking place in suite thirteen of our offices on the studio lot. Thank goodness we cancelled that order of black cats!

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth arrives on Dave on April 10th.

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