Space Corps Update

A few additions to the online database.

31 July, 2009

With Back to Earth the latest addition to the Red Dwarf canon - already out on DVD and coming soon to Blu-ray - we thought it was time the Space Corps Database was updated.

Space Corps Update

Now, as you all know, the database is just a bit of fun - we're happy to leave the nanobotically intricate detailing of everything that appeared in the show to the fans - but it would be remiss not to include new 'crew member' Katerina Bartokovsky and her dimension cutter gadget, as well as the reworked despair squid. We've also updated Rimmer, Lister, Holly, Kryten and Kochanski's entries - because, well, a lot's happened since we last saw them.

There's all kinds of useless information in the Space Corps Database.

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