Back To Earth Blu-ray Artwork

Major similarities, minor differences.

7 August, 2009

So, for UK-dwellers, this is what Back to Earth is going to look like on Blu-ray:

Back To Earth Blu-ray Artwork

Back To Earth Blu-ray Artwork

At first glance it is, essentially, the same as the DVD version - which makes sense, since that's intended to mirror the box shown in the show. But look closer and, aside from the fact this is going out in a plastic case, you'll notice a couple of tweaks to the text.

The original DVD - which, when reprinted, is apparently going to be adjusted to match the copy shown here - used a version of the Back to Earth cover copy which came from a slightly earlier draft of the show. Now we're as-broadcast. The roman numeral for 'Series X' is also an adjustment, done simply to line-up with the way previous series are referenced.

The Blu-ray features 1080i high-definition picture and - on the Director's Cut - DTS HD 5.1 sound. Plus a pile of bonus material, with documentaries, deleted scenes and other content - even the web videos! - also in HD.

Back to Earth will be released on Blu-ray from August 31st and is available via our Merchandise section.

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