Wanna Be Duane Dibley?

There's an app for that.

13 November, 2009

Wanna Be Duane Dibley?

Regular cool Cat and occasional Duane Dibbley Danny John-Jules has been letting the... well, you know... out of the bag recently - first on Twitter, then on his official website. The news? That 2entertain and Grant Naylor Productions have a couple of Red Dwarf iPhone applications in development.

The first, known as The Dibblifier, will allow users to take an image of their choice and, by adding a dose of Duane, morph into a proper Dibbley. (Occupation: computer programmer.) Dan's been into the studio to record audio for this bit of gadgetry, and had to use the classic Dibbley overbite teeth in order to recreate the character's voice.

Wanna Be Duane Dibley?

The second is the Red Dwarf Soundboard, an instant-access collection of famous soundbytes. No details yet, but if there ain't something in there about kipper-smoking we'd be smegging surprised.

The release date to download from the iTunes store is still to be confirmed, but it's expected to be around December 17th. The Soundboard is likely to sell for 59p, and the Dibblifier £1.79. Thermos and triple-thick condom sold separately.

Red Dwarf audiobooks are already available from the iTunes store.

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