A Little Bit Of Cliché

The Grant and Naylor radio series is repeating on BBC7.

27 November, 2009

Son of Cliché, the radio sketch show written by Red Dwarf creators Rob Grant and Doug Naylor in 1983-84 is currently airing on digital station BBC Radio 7.

A Little Bit Of Cliché

What? Really?! But we've only heard the Dave Hollins sketches, as included on the magnificent and bestselling Red Dwarf DVDs! you might say. To which we would reply: okay, so go and have a listen then. It stars Chris Barrie, Nick Wilton and Nick Maloney and includes all kinds of funny.

The show's available on the BBC iPlayer, as well as airing on Sundays at 11.30pm. Frankly, it's worth checking out online for the youthful Chris Barrie picture alone!

Have you had a listen? Let us know on the Forum.

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