Christmas Shopping

For the Red Dwarf fan in your life.

4 December, 2009

So - how subtle are you feeling this festive season?

If the answer is 'very', it's time to mention in passing that really is very handy for finding the Red Dwarf stuff you keep meaning to pick up.

If the answer is 'not at all', then why not print off this information, put a big red tick next to the stuff you want people to buy you, then hand it to them during any convenient silence?

Because here are the top Red Dwarf stocking stuffers this Christmas...

Christmas Shopping
Back to Earth
Available now on both DVD and Blu-ray, the three-part story is also presented in a Director's Cut format. Plus there are extras galore.
Bargain: Pick it up online for just 12 or 13 quid!*

Christmas Shopping
Just The Shows
Series I to VIII in a handy box set. No extras, but it's a great way to grab every episode of the BBC series in double-quick time.
Bargain: Around £26 for the entire 52 episode set!*

Christmas Shopping
Deluxe DVDs
All eight previous series are available in two-or three-disc sets, packed with bonus material: deleted scenes, outtakes, commentaries and in-depth documentaries.
Bargain: A single series can be grabbed online for just five or six quid!*

Christmas Shopping
Novelty DVDs
Bringing the fun this Christmas - Just the Smegs compiles eight series of smeg ups onto one hilarious disc, and Beat the Geek allows fans, viewers and general knowledge players to compete in a quiz hosted by Holly.
Bargain: The Smegs can be grabbed for under a tenner, while Beak the Geek is under five pounds!*

Christmas Shopping
Episodes on iTunes
All series I to VI episodes are available to download individually, or per series. The rest of the shows will be appearing very soon.
Bargain: £1.89 per episode, £9.99 for a series.*

Christmas Shopping
Red Dwarf Radio Shows
Abridged novels Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better Than Life, read by Chris Barrie, with sound effects galore.
Bargain: £7.99 each on iTunes.*

Christmas Shopping
Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers: Unabridged
Chris Barrie reads the entire Grant Naylor novel. Nominated for the Audiobook Download of the Year, 2008.
Bargain: Just £7.99 for Audible members, about nine quid for everyone else.*

You can pick up Red Dwarf goodies from around the world from our Merchandise section.

* All prices correct at time of writing.

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