Best Actress Award For Leila

A late congratulations to Chloë Annett.

1 July, 2011

We feel bad that we missed this one, since it happened back in April - but it's times like these that we can be glad to have some finger-on-the-pulse posters on our forum. In this case, one fan spotted the fantastic news that Kochanski actress Chloë Annett recently won Best Actress at the London Independent Film Festival.

Best Actress Award For Leila

The part in question was the title role in Lesley Manning's Leila, a low-budget feature crewed in part by Met Film School students, with heads of department from the school. It premiered at the festival on April 23rd. Here's the synopsis:

Love can drive you crazy. To the outside world Paul and Leila have a 'happy' family. A nice house, two nice kids, and most importantly they have each other. That's the problem. Both are in love - one is insane. Paul thinks he's losing his mind - but he has more to lose than that. One couple; one love; one tragedy.

Red Dwarf fans might remember Lesley Manning as the director of the BBC's brilliant, and controversial, horror mock-doc Ghostwatch which co-starred Craig Charles.

Best Actress Award For Leila Best Actress Award For Leila

Lesley told "We are looking for distribution for Leila. It's hard for anyone to get to see it yet and we are are still sending out to festivals. We were thrilled Chloë won best actress at the London Independent Film Festival - she plays the lead role Leila and brilliantly leads the audience into her dark mind."

Best Actress Award For Leila

Details on the MetFilm site.

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