Red Dwarf Ten

Celebrate Series X with our ten iTunes episode picks.

20 January, 2012

With the tenth series of Red Dwarf nearing the end of filming, what better time to refamiliarise yourself with some of the greatest hits of the previous nine series? In honour of the show hitting this momentous landmark, we've picked ten individual episode downloads that you can head to our iTunes Room and get for your iPhone, iPod, iPad or computer right now.

1. Future Echoes

After introducing itself as a sharp "odd couple in space" sitcom with its opening episode, Red Dwarf turned expectations on their head with this startlingly clever and head-spinny sci-fi episode - setting the scene for Red Dwarf's perfect blend of sci-fi and comedy in the decades to come.

Classic Moment: Lister has the same conversation twice, with two different Rimmers.

Red Dwarf Ten

2. Kryten

Grant and Naylor famously hadn't wanted to resort to the cliché of bringing a robotic character into their carefully-crafted sci-fi world... but they hadn't reckoned on the power of a certain neurotic cleaning droid.

Classic Moment: Kryten is informed that the Nova 5 crew are, in fact, deceased. "My God... I was only away two minutes!"

3. Marooned

Some of the finest character work in the history of the series, as Lister finds himself marooned on an arctic moon with only Rimmer for company and a tin of dog food for sustenance.

Classic Moment: Rimmer, protesting against the burning of a copy of Shakespeare's complete works, attempts to quote from ‘Richard III': "Now... that's all I can remember."

4. Dimension Jump

The episode that launched a thousand t-shirts, as we meet Arnold Rimmer's heroic alternate universe counterpart Ace for the first time.

Classic Moment: All together now: "Smoke me a kipper..."

Red Dwarf Ten

5. Back to Reality

Frequently voted favourite ever episode in fan polls, the Series V curtain-closer sees the crew confronting the discovery that they're not really who they thought they were... or are they?

Classic Moment: As the crew awake from their four-year stint in the video game ‘Red Dwarf', the Cat discovers a rather distinctive and prominent overbite...

6. Gunmen of the Apocalypse

The International Emmy-award-winning classic, in which the crew must enter Kryten's mind via virtual reality to fight a deadly virus. But why is he dreaming of life as a sheriff in an old Western...?

Classic Moment: As the Riviera Kid, the Cat saves Lister from a pair of gunslingers by shooting their bullets out of the air.

Red Dwarf Ten

7. Tikka to Ride

A bold and daring new direction for the crew after four years away, as a time-travelling outing to refresh curry supplies leads to a chance meeting with an assassin in Dallas, November 1963...

Classic Moment: Lister explains that the only way to undo the alternate future is for JFK to assassinate his own past self: "It'll drive the conspiracy nuts crazy, but they'll never figure it out..."

8. Cassandra

Series VIII's cleverest sci-fi idea, and a spiritual sequel to Future Echoes, as the newly-recruited Canaries encounter a crashed ship's computer who can predict the future.

Classic Moment: Cassandra tells the crew that all the Canaries will be dead in one hour except for Rimmer - who'll be dead in 20 minutes.

9. Back to Earth Episode 3

The first episode reintroduced the Red Dwarf crew for a new millennium - but the stunning closing chapter hopped from Coronation Street to Blade Runner to a surprisingly emotional twist ending...

Classic Moment: Having just met his fictional counterpart Lister, actor Craig Charles declares that he has to "get back to the Priory".

Red Dwarf Ten

10. Smeg Ups

It's not just original episodes that can be found on iTunes - the classic outtakes compilation, originally a smash hit on VHS in 1994, is also available. Chortle yourself silly with nearly an hour of line-fluffing, ad-libbing, face-pulling and Kenneth Williams impersonations...

Classic Moment: Shooting the legendary "imaginary chase" scene for Back to Reality, Chris Barrie has an unfortunate balance problem with a box...

Find these episodes and more at iTunes now!

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