Spaceships of Science Fiction

New "bookazine" hits newsagents.

17 February, 2012

We reckon it's a fairly safe bet that if you like Red Dwarf, you've probably got a bit of a thing for spaceships in general. With that in mind, you're almost certainly going to want to check out Spaceships of Science Fiction, a new "bookazine" set to hit shops imminently.

Spaceships of Science Fiction

The first in a new series titled Sci-Fi Focus, Spaceships of Science Fiction starts by looking at the famous ships of early 20th century science fiction - from Le Voyage dans la Lune to Forbidden Planet - before running through dedicated sections on just about every famous sci-fi film and TV show you can think of.

And yes, there's a chapter on Red Dwarf: made with the co-operation of Grant Naylor Productions, and featuring some lovely photos that haven't been seen in print for years, there are specification panels and background information on Red Dwarf and Starbug, as well as a smaller section on Blue Midget and a boxout featuring some of the show's classic monsters.

Spaceships of Science Fiction

Beyond Red Dwarf, however, the 114-page magazine contains plenty to entertain and inform any sci-fi enthusiast. Illustrated throughout with gorgeous photographs, there are especially in-depth sections on the likes of Star Trek and Star Wars - but it's nice to see that more cult films such as Galaxy Quest and Sunshine are also covered. Real-life NASA craft that have featured in fiction, most notably the Space Shuttle, are also included - and there are chapters on other sci-fi technology such as weaponry and teleportation, too.

Spaceships of Science Fiction will be available in branches of WH Smiths from 23rd February, and will also appear in supermarkets Morrisons and Sainsburys later in the year. It's also available now for online ordering, and costs £7.95.

Find out more and order Spaceships of Science Fiction at Ian Allan Publishing's website.

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