Red Dwarf fan takes on the black chair.

8 February, 2013 readers with particularly long memories may recall that way back in 2003, a Red Dwarf fan and trivia buff named Steve Clark appeared on BBC2's hallowed long-running quiz Mastermind. With Red Dwarf as his specialist subject, Steve took a dominant victory in his heat - but he was unable to go on and win the 2003 series.

It's taken a decade, but finally another Dwarfer has taken on John Humphrys and the famous black chair, as Katy Bateman, a housewife from Doncaster, appeared on the episode that aired on Friday 1st February. With a phenomenal opening round, Katy answered fourteen questions on Dwarf - getting every single one right, with no passes. Unfortunately, an unusually strong performance from one of her rivals in the general knowledge round meant that she was ultimately three precious points short of getting through to the final round.


Nevertheless, it was a sterling effort that did the Dwarf community proud; and even though one of the questions contained a factual inaccuracy (claiming that Grant and Naylor met at college rather than as schoolboys), it was great to see the show back on BBC2 - at least in some form! - once again.

If you're quick, you can catch Katy's appearance on the BBC iPlayer until around 8pm this evening (Friday 8th). But if you want to have a go yourself, here are the questions she tackled - shortened somewhat from the lengthy wording on the show! Remember, you only have two minutes to work your way through them - and click below for the answers...

  1. After how many years in suspended animation is Lister revived by Holly, the ship's computer?
  2. What is Arnold Rimmer's middle name?
  3. The series was created by Rob Grant and which other writer?
  4. What is situated on the secret thirteenth floor of Red Dwarf?
  5. What song does George McIntyre have played at his funeral?
  6. In Tikka to Ride, where is the release catch on Kryten's head that allows Lister to open the top of his skull?
  7. The two rivals of cats fought a holy war over the colour of what?
  8. In the video game Better Than Life, Rimmer ends up with a mortgage and how many children?
  9. In Demons and Angels, what does Cat tell his High self that no part of him would be seen wearing?
  10. Which big band leader is among the firing squad that executes Winnie the Pooh in Meltdown?
  11. Which Red Dwarf science officer's hologram builds the dimension cutter in Back to Earth?
  12. On the backwards earth, what is the name of Rimmer and Kryten's novelty act?
  13. Whose amputated arm does Kochanski inject with blood and adrenaline to trick the Epideme virus out of Lister's body?
  14. In D.N.A., what does Kryten change Lister into when trying to reverse the program that had initially turned him into a chicken?

Answers (click to reveal):

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