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Robert's Fully Charged open for Patreon funding.

15 April, 2016

If you've followed Robert Llewellyn - and in particular his interest in electric cars - for any length of time, you'll surely already be aware of Fully Charged. But just in case you're not: it's an ongoing web series in which Robert discusses non-petrol-based vehicular technology, reviewing the latest cars as well as talking to various movers in the shakers in the field and even finding the time to hang out at Formula E motor races. It's an entertaining watch even if you're not completely into the subject matter - think of it basically as like Top Gear, but a bit more environmentally friendly (and indeed a bit more friendly generally).

Back Bobby

Fully Charged has run on YouTube for over six years now, turning out almost 200 videos - all of which have been produced and funded directly by Robert, with only some support coming from energy companies and manufacturers sponsoring the show. In order to help take the series forward, then, Robert - ever at the vanguard of online crowdfunding - is now running a Patreon campaign.

As opposed to the likes of Kickstarter and Gofundme, Patreon is not a single-time funding pledge; but rather, it's a way for fans to support the making of all kinds of creative material (from podcasts to comics to music) on an ongoing basis. Every month you pledge a particular amount - starting as low as a couple of dollars and going up to any amount you choose - and aside from knowing that you've helped support the person you're backing in the making of their work, you'll also (usually) get some kind of bonus reward for being a backer. In Robert's case, backing Fully Charged above a certain level means you'll get to see the episodes early - and he'll even give backers at the higher level a namecheck in upcoming episodes if they want.

And one of the best things about the system is that you're not locked into a particular commitment - you can change or even remove your backing at any time. Of course, Robert being Robert, he's been very keen to insist that nobody should feel under any obligation to back him - and the episodes will continue to be made available to everyone for as long as he's able to make them. But if you've enjoyed what he's been doing over the past half-a-decade of eco-friendly reporting, and you want to see him do more of it, then why not check it out?

And yes, if he decides to do a campaign for more episodes of Car Pool, we'll totally get behind that one, too...

Find out more and back the series over on Patreon!

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