Dimension Jump XIX is... very nearly go!

22 April, 2016

The Dimension Jump convention is a wonderful thing. Fans from all over the world mingling and carousing. Revelatory and hilarious Q&A sessions from cast and crew members. Autograph queues longer than the ones outside an Apple Store on launch day. Eye-watering bidding wars for props. And amazing cosplay as far as the eye can see. It's basically the best way for a Red Dwarf fan to spend a weekend, without actually sitting down and watching 61 episodes back to back.

And while work continues behind the scenes on Red Dwarf XI and XII, the Official Fan Club team have been beavering away equally intently, dotting the Ts and crossing the Is to get the next event lined up and booked. And now they've succeeded! So we're pleased to announce that Dimension Jump XIX will take place on the weekend of 7th-9th April 2017, at the Crowne Plaza Nottingham.

Seasoned DJ veterans will know that this is the second time the convention has been held at the Nottingham venue, following a thoroughly successful and enjoyable move there for the last event (you may remember it, it was the one where Doug Naylor got on stage to announce a new series or two. The event has now settled into being on a two-yearly schedule, giving everyone time to recover and plan between each convention - and having an event in Spring 2017 means that everyone will be fresh from the broadcast of Series XI, with plenty of new Dwarf to talk about and maybe even some new and relevant guests!

Weekend passes for the event will go onsale on Monday 2nd May, and if you book them before Saturday 21st May, you can get them at the exclusive low rate of £65 for fan club members and £75 for non-members - after this, they go up to £75 and £90 respectively, so it's in your interests to book early! Rooms at the hotel will be available at a special rate of £95 per night for the convention - again, these can be booked from 2nd May (as they form part of a specific block booking). You'll be able to book your passes via the Dimension Jump website as soon as the embargo lifts.

Here's what you get in exchange for your hard-earned:

  • A pass for all three days of the event.
  • Entry to all the guest Q&As.
  • Entry to Friday night's Quiz and entertainment.
  • Entry to Saturday night cabaret and disco.
  • Entry into a number of competitions, including the Saturday night Costume Comp.
  • Entry to Sunday afternoon entertainment - Past events have included: Goitless, Smeg or No Smeg and Smeggheads audience participation competitions.
  • Access to the merchandise room.
  • An autograph on a personal item from each of the guests.
  • Personal photos with the guests (subject to time restrictions).
  • An exclusive souvenir booklet suitable for getting signed by the guests.

Obviously, there's no news yet on confirmed guests - it's a little early for that - but you can be sure that there'll be some pretty exciting names lined up before too long. For reference, the 2015 event featured names like Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn, Danny John-Jules, Mac McDonald, Gordon Kennedy and, in a tremendous spot of event hosting, celebrity Dwarf fan Dave Benson-Phillips!

And finally, we should offer our congratulations to Paul Muller, winner of the club's competition to design the logo for the event. Yes, that logo you can see at the top of this here page. Pretty amazing, isn't it? If nothing else, you'll have to come along to the convention just so you can get that on a t-shirt...

Find out more about DJ and read about past conventions in the Fan Club section!

While Grant Naylor Productions fully support the Official Fan Club and Dimension Jump weekend, they are stand alone entities in which we have neither a shareholding or common directors. Nor is there any form of legal partnership. Enquires can be directed to the club at info.tordfc@gmail.com.

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