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Time for another Smegging Difficult Quiz!

6 May, 2016

Well, thousands of you tried your hand at our Smegging Difficult Screenshot Quiz a few months back, but we didn't want to let you rest on your Red Dwarf fan-knowledge laurels for too long. So if you fancy another challenge, we've lined up another quiz based around remembering specific moments from the show.

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This time, however, rather than recognising screenshots, you're being asked to remember dialogue. So, yes, welcome to the Smegging Difficult Quotes Quiz!

Across five rounds, you'll have to identify what episodes certain lines come from, complete a few famous lines, and even answer some miscellaneous trivia all relating to dialogue. And some of the questions even go further than the actual broadcast material, just to really keep you on your toes...

Although dialogue is much easier to Google than a screenshot, we know that you won't be tempted to cheat. But if you can get yourself a perfect 20 completely off the top of your head, then award yourself one of our highly sought-after massive pats on the back...

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