Merry Christmas

Best wishes from the Red Dwarf crew!

25 December, 2016

We'll keep this brief, as we're sure you all have presents to open, dinners to eat and Pan-Dimensional Liquid Beasts from the Mogadon Cluster to fight. But on this most celebratory of days, we just wanted to wish all Red Dwarf fans everywhere a very happy holiday!

Merry Christmas

For obvious reasons, 2016 has been a quite significant year in Red Dwarf history - indeed, we'll be back next week to give you a nice nostalgic run through all the highlights. But we're not resting on our laurels - since, as you surely know by now, Red Dwarf XII is on the way in 2017! We can't wait for you to see these six fantastic, hilarious, inventive new episodes - and we hope you enjoy them every bit as much as you all enjoyed Series XI.

We've a couple of last Dwarfy treats to let you know about this year, however - firstly, if you happen to head over to the Official Red Dwarf Shop today or tomorrow, you'll notice that there's a special Boxing Day Sale going on, where you can save a whopping 20% on some of the fab Series XI-related clothing. And yes, we know it's not Boxing Day until tomorrow, but we thought we'd give you a head start anyway. And if you didn't find a copy of the eleventh series in your stocking - or if you just fancy joining in with a bit of a tweetalong - then watch out on Dave next Monday 2nd January, as the entire series is being shown, starting at 1.10pm (and an hour later on Dave ja Vu).

Meanwhile, if you're stuck visiting somewhere without access to your beloved DVD boxsets, then why not check out our latest guide to digitally streaming Red Dwarf? It's the best way to educate any non-Dwarfer friends and family members you might be celebrating the holiday with.

Thanks as ever to everyone who's visited the site this year - whether you've just popped in this once or if you're one of the regular 11.30 Friday club, we always appreciate the love and support shown by one of the greatest fandoms in the world. So enjoy this breather, and then buckle yourselves in for 2017 - it's going to be a smegging epic year.

From everyone at Red Dwarf, best wishes for the season and a very happy new year!

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