Stronger Knowing More

Danny taking part in cancer prevention initiative.

3 February, 2017

They're good hearted chaps, that Red Dwarf crew - and we're always pleased and proud to see them getting involved in important charity initiatives.

Such as this one that Danny John-Jules has lent his support to: Stronger Knowing More, a drive by Prostate Cancer UK to help raise awareness of the illness among black men in the UK. Shockingly, while men in general have a 1 in 8 chance of getting prostate cancer, among black men that risk doubles to 1 in 4; and the likelihood also increases among those aged 45 and older.

Danny is one of a number of high-profile black British celebrities who have stepped in to help spread the campaign to the public, and you can see him sharing his story here:

"I think... there's a problem with black men not taking this disease seriously enough," Danny says. "Unfortunately, in our community, it's a bit of a taboo when it comes to either touching yourself or other people touching you, including doctors. It's a bit of a macho thing. You know, the guy that's self-conscious about going to the doctor is going to be the loudest guy in the pub."

"I'd tell [other black men] to visit the Prostate Cancer UK website or go and have a chat with your doctor, it's no different to chatting to anyone else you know. And I would say, just remember that education is the key, you're stronger knowing more."

Find out more about the campaign at the Prostate Cancer UK website.

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