Birthday Time

Red Dwarf hits 29!

17 February, 2017

If you're Dave Lister, then approaching thirty is something to be feared. As he memorably mused back in the pages of Better than Life:


He was a codger!

Twenty-seven and heading into beer-gut country. Soon, he'd be one of those sad old farts who have to play squash to keep fit. And drink mineral water. And know about calories.


A has-been.

In three years, he'd be practically senile. He'd be thirty. It was too depressing for words.

But when you're a TV show like Red Dwarf, hitting three decades old is a mighty fine achievement. And while we haven't quite hit that landmark yet - just you wait until next year - we're very proud that as we reached the 29th anniversary of the show's first broadcast this week (on 15th February, to be precise), we are in a year in which there are going to be six new episodes of the show broadcast. There aren't many TV shows that can claim that, after all.

So 29 may not be the roundest of landmarks, but it's one we're celebrating anyway. Twenty-nine years since The End, since the first time we met a space bum named Lister, his annoying room-mate and his pregnant cat. An awful lot has happened since then, and we're looking forward to even more of it happening in the years to come.

And as ever, we're thankful for the love and support shown by Red Dwarf's worldwide and ever-ardent army of fans. Whether you've been with us since 1988 or you only just discovered the show two weeks ago, we're glad to have you celebrating with us. We don't know where Red Dwarf will be 29 years from now, but we're certain that the fanbase will be as thriving as ever.

Thanks for celebrating the first 29 years with us, and get ready for Red Dwarf XII later this year!

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