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10 March, 2017

While we don't yet have any news for you on the transmission date of Red Dwarf XII, it's now been almost half a year since Series XI started going out - so we can understand it feeling a little bit like we're in a quiet hinterland at the moment, far enough from the last series for the excitement to have died down a little, and still a short way off from the hype for the next one building up.

Blu Bargains

So while you wait for the RDXII machine to kick into action, what options do you have to keep the Dwarf fires burning? Well, for one thing, it's a good time to take stock of your shiny disc collection - and as luck would have it, if you still haven't got around to completing the set, then over at Amazon you can find some pretty bargainous prices right now:

Series XI

Last year's triumphant eleventh series is currently the cheapest it's been so far, at just £17.99 for the standard set. That gets you all six episodes - Twentica, Samsara, Give & Take, Officer Rimmer, Krysis and Can of Worms - in glorious, as-Doug-Naylor-intended high definition; plus a wealth of bonus material including behind-the-scenes documentary, deleted scenes and the obligatory Smeg Ups.

Series X

Slightly longer in the tooth, but no worse the wear for it, 2012's tenth series is now only £8.99 - even cheaper than picking up the whole series in digital-only format. As well as the episodes Trojan, Fathers And Suns, Lemons, Entangled, Dear Dave and The Beginning, you'll find the epic making-of documentary We're Smegged, as well as deleted scenes and Smeg Ups.

Back to Earth

For just eight of your English pounds (well, £7.99, but who counts the pennies these days?) you can pick up the cheapest Red Dwarf Blu-ray set of the lot. That gets you all three episodes of the 2009 comeback special, as well as the additional Director's Cut edition that edits them together into one full-length story. And, as ever, there's all the terrific behind-the-scenes and bonus material you've come to expect from Red Dwarf releases.

Just the Shows

Okay, this one isn't on Blu-ray, as these episodes date from a time before Red Dwarf was shot in HD. But still, if you haven't yet got a full set of Dwarf episodes on your shelf, then this box set is the most cost-effective way of locking down the "BBC era" - for £21.99 you get all 52 episodes of Series I-VIII, and if you shop around third-party sellers you can find new copies for as low as £15 from time to time!

And the Rest!

Plus, of course, you can still get your hands on the individual series releases of Red Dwarf I-VIII, which are packed to the gills with what we can now consider a truly classic set of bonus features from start to finish. As far as Red Dwarf history goes, there's not a documentary or feature among them that you'll want to miss.

Browse all the available home release sets in our Merchandise section!

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