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Officer Rimmer update for the mobile game!

31 March, 2017

It's been a few months since the last update to Red Dwarf XI: The Game - but we promised that the game would eventually feature six episodes' worth of content, and that's a promise the developer GameDigits have been working hard to deliver on! So we're delighted to announce that the fourth update, based around Officer Rimmer, is due to land on the App Store and Google Play imminently. Indeed, by the time you read this, it might already be there...

The Officer Rimmer update is one that we know a lot of the game's fans have been looking forward to, not least in the hope that a certain computer game that features in the episode might make it in to the mobile version. And, looking at the list of level titles that are included in the update, we think you'll be pleased...

  • Printer Jam
  • Torpedo Run
  • DNA Search
  • Rimmer Print
  • Monster Chase
  • Pac-Rimmer
  • Lister Sneak
  • Monster Rimmer

And if getting to play a Rimmer-themed pastiche of an early 1980s arcade classic isn't enough for you, then we can reveal that the rest of the game has had a bit of a polish, too. Since the beginning, GameDigits team members have been keeping their beady eyes on the fan forums and social media, taking feedback onboard and improving the game with each update that's been issued. Some of the tweaks that have been bundled into this version include:

  • Improved controls across all games
  • Added game-pad visual to match the touch controls
  • Rebalanced and added new content across all sub-games
  • Added additional objectives on some of the game stages
  • Movement controls across the whole screen, not just the lefthand side
  • Added option to continue with story, or just play a specific sub-game
  • Added additional audio throughout the game
  • Made Karma Hack game easier
  • Improved firing controls and timings
  • Fixed issue with sections not appearing when walking backwards
  • Fixed cheat scores for quiz sections
  • Optimised download size
  • Plus many more bug fixes and gameplay improvements

Phew. So even if you've already played the previous three episodes, you might find you want to give them another run through to see what's new. And if you haven't got the game already, then what are you waiting for?

Red Dwarf XI: The Game can be downloaded for iOS and Android phones and tablets via the App Store and Google Play respectively, at an RRP of £1.99. It's the first official game ever to offer you the opportunity to fly Starbug in full 3D, as well as recreating each episode of Series XI with a wide range of fun minigames, and exclusive dialogue and content written by Doug Naylor! Episodes based around Krysis and Can of Worms will be released later in the year.

Get the game on the App Store and Google Play now!

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