T-Shirts - We Want Your Views

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5 May, 2017

What would be your fantasy Red Dwarf t-shirt?

Let's face it, t-shirts have always been an integral part of Red Dwarf fandom - from the classic "SMEG HEAD" all the way through to 2016's "CAPTAIN BOLLOCKS", there's always been a wide range of designs for any self-respecting Dwarfer to hang on their chest. Some of them are even on shirts that aren't black. But for the first time ever, we've decided to get your opinion on what you'd like to see us do next.

T-Shirts - We Want Your Views

Because, you know, we could do all the market research and focus grouping we want, but what really counts is the opinion of the die-hard Red Dwarf fan who's going to go out and buy these things. So with that in mind, we're asking you a very simple question:

If you could have ONE Red Dwarf t-shirt made, what would you like to see on it?

You might want to see a famous quote that hasn't been printed before; a character portrait; a piece of "in-universe" design; or maybe another of the "costume" or "Owner's Manual" designs that debuted in the Series XI merchandise run. Or maybe you've got something else entirely in mind!

Whatever your thoughts are, we want to hear them. While we obviously can't promise that a fan-suggested shirt will definitely get made, we can say that all the relevant parties will be paying very close attention to everything that's suggested, and this will factor in to future merchandise plans.

So how can you give us your answer? Well, you can head on over to Facebook and leave a comment on the post which should by now have appeared; you can go onto Twitter and send a reply to us, using the hashtag #RDTEE; or alternatively, you could sign up to the brand new Official Red Dwarf Forum and leave us a comment there!

Because yes, after eight years of service (having itself replaced the original forum that launched way back in 2001), we've finally retired the existing Red Dwarf Forum software, and replaced it with a brand spanking new, all-singing, all-dancing, Red Dwarf Forum 3.0! If you were already a member of the forum, you'll find that your profile and (on-topic) discussions have come over intact; but if you weren't, now is the perfect time to sign up and get chatting to other Dwarf fans about anything and everything!

And if you head on over to this dedicated thread, you'll be able to leave your comments on this important and burning question. But please: try to limit yourself to just one suggestion per person, please! If you've got several ideas... well, just pick the best one! And you never know, it might be one that the Powers That Be upstairs agree with...

Please note that this is not a design competition, and you should not submit your own artwork, or concepts over which you have a sense of ownership. We are seeking feedback on the type of shirts people would like to see, based on the types of shirt we have already produced, in order to feed into development conversations that are already ongoing - there won't be a "winning shirt idea"!

Join in with the chat at the brand new forum now!

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