Anniversary Jump

Fan Club convention will return in 2018.

14 July, 2017

Dimension Jump - the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club convention - is a weekend so jam-packed with Dwarfy goodness that it takes around two years to fully recover from it. Which is why we're all generally okay with the fact that the event only takes place biennially, rather than annually.

Anniversary Jump

But those of you with your maths heads on may have figured out that although we've only just had a convention here in 2017, next year is also a pretty special one in Red Dwarf terms, with the show hitting its 30th anniversary.

As such, the Fan Club have decided to forego their usual extra year's break, and have confirmed that Dimension Jump XX will take place in 2018. This is especially pleasing given that, as well as falling in a landmark Red Dwarf year, the event will be the twentieth convention; and what's more, it means not having to wait over a year to bask in the excitement (and possible special guests?) of Red Dwarf XII!

For the moment, no details about the convention have been announced beyond the year it'll happen in; even that logo, lovely as it is, isn't final. We'll let you know details of exactly where and when the event is taking place as soon as we have it.

Read about past conventions in the Fan Club section!

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