Getting Quizzical

Test your Series XII knowledge!

26 January, 2018

With the Christmas break fully over and everyone back at work and school, it's time to knuckle down to some hard revision. And what more enjoyable thing to revise than the most recent series of Red Dwarf? So crack open your boxsets (you'll want to remind yourself of the extras, too) and pay close attention.

Getting Quizzical

Yes, it's time for another of our fiendish quizzes, with the surprisingly-named Series XII Quiz. Twenty questions spanning the usual range of topics - from casting, to production, to nerdy reference details, and of course a healthy dose of maths to boot.

And as ever, if you can score 17 or above, then we're willing to call you a Proper Red Dwarf XII Obsessive...

Head on over to the Games section to see all our quizzes and online games!

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